The Pleiadians: Message to Ground Crew on Earth

Family of Light:  it is to you that this message goes.  We are ever present and ever near.  We are watching you.  To some this journey is being felt as more than what they can bear, yet this time is crucial in the evolution of new earth.  You who read this are the ones who signed up for this mission on earth at this time and it was a privilege to come here.  The lifetime you have spent here has rendered you almost, but not quite, a part of the reality/illusion which you found yourselves in.  Set yourselves apart from it, for this is where you will find your place of comfortable existence.  When you look around, you see a world that makes little sense to you, but that is why you are here, at this time, because worlds are meant to make sense, and planet earth is no longer going to exist as a place of confinement and imprisonment.  It is important now to speak of the current situations you may be finding yourselves in.

We wish to say as much as we can, in as little words as possible.  The detachment from the current reality/illusion is breaking away more easily now.  And the difficulties some of you are experiencing are in your not wanting to let go.  It is inevitable, and pain is caused by the unwillingness to relinquish control.  The dimensional shift has occurred and this fourth dimensional dream world that you now find yourselves in is strange, yet alluring.  It feels at times like a pull towards nothingness, but it feels good because you are dwelling there in closer proximity to the energies of your star brothers and sisters, and your multidimensional selves. And so it feels right to ‘escape’ to this place of non-reality. Many of you are now feeling the ‘pull’ as intense, and irresistible, so why not give in?  When you are alone, you ‘zone out’ easily. But sometimes, interracting with others makes you feel as if you are losing yourself.  You are moving back and forth, in and out of dimensions.  Ascension is about consciousness and that carries a far different meaning in the 3rd dimensional world.

But it may be somewhat frightening, as you are leaving your ‘comfort zones.’  The earth humans that surround you cannot go there with you and the old emotions of attachment pull you back.  If you try to rationalize this process, you will lose your ground and feel psychologically imbalanced.  The struggles you will then encounter with the humans in your life will leave you feeling drained, and you will inevitably go back to the dimension that feels more comfortable for you.  This is a normal process.  Do not try to make them understand you.  Your information is powerful in non-verbal energy emission, light frequency radiation, and the vibrational currency you emit.  This is why you are here.  You are a conduit for light and you needn’t avail yourselves of third dimensional forms of communication to spread your wisdom: you need only be.  The unspoken word rings loudly through space

While you slept, it seemed that you almost succeeded in living in the illusion and becoming fully a part of it, but you always had way too much information to ever be successful in giving in completely.  So your life has been lived on the edge. For many, isolation and loneliness were the worst encounters.  We speak of these things to pay homage to your sojourns and to not overlook your bravery and courage on these paths that you have walked.  Some of you have had much difficulty waking up.  Earth is like that.  Its illusion is compelling and its frequency is one of putting humans into a trance.  But this illusion is crumbling and now the humans are realizing that corruption and control are at the root of their current reality and they are rebelling, but they are still slow to rouse, the majority of them still slumber. But the light is increasing.  It cannot be stopped. You, who comprise the family of light, have struggled with the same emotional imbalances felt by humans and the focus on earth has been lunar, yet solar information is required to decipher the codes of information found in light.

There has been a trend among humans to fear the Sun, and exposure to its rays, but no teaching could be more harmful than this one.  You, who make up the family of light, require direct daily exposure to solar rays, to stay in communication with your information sources and this also helps you hold more light, as you are a natural conduit.  Many of you will find that you feel lost and rudderless on cloudy days, or during your months of winter.  Do not remove yourselves from this source of light information, nor should you fear harmful effects.  Go by how you feel and take in as much light as you can.  You will know when you’ve had enough.  Ask the Sun for a message and you will receive it.  It is an outer reflection of your own inner light and to fear that is counterproductive for you, dear family of light.  Take in only what resonates with you.  Remember the illusion relies on darkness, and so the advice to shun this magnificent light source should be questioned, along with almost everything else found within the illusion.

Some of you are experiencing physical symptoms that may resemble something chronic which in your world has names and labels, but your bodies are changing and so are its requirements for food.  But the earthly habits which cause humans to continue eating foods which are dense and heavy, and of low vibration, are of particular harm for you, the family of light, because of your changing molecular compartments and cellular structures.  The new earth energies will not support certain habits and it is well to begin the serious process of elimination of those things which no longer serve to make you feel good, except to satisfy a momentary craving.  You see, nothing can remain the same because of the shifting energies.  It is this body that you exist in right now, that will survive in this shift.  Make it compatible with the new energies coming through.

Within the crystalline grid, your knowledge and information is spread through your light, frequency, vibration, and energy.  The more light you can hold, the more you assist in spreading light to much needed places.  Some of you may find this a difficult process.  Some of you are going through a physical re-structuring of your immediate environments and relationships.  Some of you are novice’s, having less experience than some other members of your team on earth.  But this is your challenge and it is a great undertaking. You were eligible for the job, even if this was your first mission.

The next phase of the project is soon to begin, and that is our re-union with you on earth.  Amid the turmoil, preparations need to continue to be made.  Vibrational matches make it easier for us to make contact, and if you only knew how much you are lowered in vibration by negative human emotions, you would not participate in those lower energy creations.  This is your testing ground, as well as your playground, as well as your school, as well as your assignment: to bring light and information to earth.  But nobody said it would be easy. Your homework is to hold light and build a firewall to negativity, while learning how to live with humans in the illusion.  Your free time is for you to participate in joy and creativity.  Pain and suffering are choices you make, as what’s left of the dark energies seeks to continue to extinguish light.  Remember what you were taught about the nature of emotions on Earth, as that was a long lesson.  Emotions and free will are together a large part of the Earth experiment.

We wish to say to you, to relinquish this control which you feel you must have in this world, as the illusion is crumbling and there will soon be less to hold on to.  You have divine guidance at your disposal and you are being carefully monitored.  You will remain safe, so do not fear the feeling of giving in to this eerie 4th dimensional nether world.  Its substance is the ether of unlimited potential, but it is not yet tangible.   It is the place that you must go, and pass through, and you must trust that you will be safe there.  The fifth dimension is the ultimate goal for earth and its beings, but those who are a part of the family of light, will indeed have further options to explore, when the time is right.

Be at peace and call upon us.   Eliminate distractions, stop unnecessary activities, partake of silence, and draw in your energies.  The shift of the ages is upon you, dear family of light.  Your mission is successful.  Don’t turn back now.

We are with you.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

The Muffin

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