Sunday March 17th 2013 – Monty Keen

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th March 2013

There has been a covert control system operating in your world that has now become    apparent to those who are awake. Because it was unchallenged for so long, people    had just accepted it. So much was done to convince people that they were free, it    came as quite a shock when the realisation dawned on them that in actual fact they    are slaves. All ancient knowledge and understanding of true history was removed and    kept secret, to be shared only with the secret societies which control everything    in your world. As I have mentioned many times, when the Vatican falls, all this knowledge    will return to the public domain. This is what is needed for the human race to survive.

There are those among you, who, though they appear to look and act like you, are    nothing like you. They are still hoping to take over your world. These are same people    who have constructed the FEMA Camps to imprison thousands of people whom they consider    to be surplus to their requirements. The blood which is necessary for their existence    is in short supply. They are losing their grip on humanity. They need to keep you    in fear, as fear is the oxygen of life to them. This is why living (or should I say,    existing) on Earth is becoming very expensive. It is all carefully planned to keep    you under control. If only people had listened to David Icke, as he saw the full    picture, years ago. They have done everything possible to destroy him. His crime    was to speak the truth !

Everything in your lives is manipulated by these secret bloodlines, which took control,    and so ensured that humanity would live only to serve them. They create wars whenever    they choose, with whomsoever they choose: always ensuring that they alone will benefit.    War is just a game to them. Now that humanity is in the process of awakening and    is realising that it has the real power, people are taking it back from the corrupt    banks and governments. Those, who until now, have remained behind the scenes, hidden    from view, who control the puppets in positions of so-called power, are seeing that    their house of cards is falling. Look around you at every leader who has come to    power to work towards eliminating poverty. What has happened to them? One by one,    they have been removed from power. Why do some still believe the lies that are given    as reasons for invading these countries. Surely it is blatantly obvious by now. This    elite take-over of your planet will not be allowed to happen.

It is interesting to watch the power struggle going on in the Vatican as it fights    for its very existence. Now it is their turn to be scrutinised. They have much to    answer for. Remove the pomp and ceremony and what is left? A world power that is    based on the falsification of history.

As each soul awakens and steps out of the darkness, the light extends, thus enabling    others to see it. In this war for truth and light, all you need is love for your    fellow man and a desire for peace and justice for all. There is more than enough    in your world for all mankind. The decision to control certain parts of your world    was criminal and unjust. It will be put right.

No race on Earth is superior to another. Such divisions are man-made and they will    be removed. You have come a long way towards our goal. It has taken courage and strength    to investigate and reveal the real truth to your fellow man. The corrupt are losing    their grip on humanity.

You will experience another shift in energy in the next few days. Everything is happening    as it was meant to happen. This is our plan for humanity. It is to be a planet where    love and light rule and there is justice for all. Do not look to newspapers or television    to let you know what is happening. All you will get there is what your controllers    want you to believe. The truth is always available for those who seek it. You were    each chosen to bring light to Planet Earth. When, eventually, you all come together,    you will realise that you have many qualities in common. You have known each other    in past lives. When one of you is attacked, then you must all respond to offer support    to that person, to ensure that they recover and regain their strength. Sending love    and light to each other is so important. Every thought and every word has its own    energy. Remember that you are all powerful beings of light who are emerging from    the darkness that was imposed on you. Enjoy the journey of discovery which lies before    you. Your future is in your own hands.

We in Spirit, need you to visualise the world you wish to create for future generations.    You will need to know how to produce good wholesome food that can be produced without    harmful chemicals. You will need to educate people regarding health issues. Natural    medicine will remove all need for drug-based medicine. When your air is clean and    your food is nutritious, then most illness will cease to exist. Much of it is produced    in laboratories, anyway. The whole way of life on Earth is about to change completely.

It will be interesting to see how, without your support, all the bastions of power    just fall apart. You had unwittingly supported those who were destroying your very    existence. Once your eyes are opened to this, you will never support them again.    Those you have revered in the past will soon be seen for what they actually are.    This will be a shock for many of you. As I continue to remind you, nothing is as    it seems. You will learn that everything is the exact opposite. This is how you were    fooled. You believed the evidence of your own eyes. It supported what you were taught.    You never suspected that what you had been told was wrong and that it was designed    to fool you. Disregard the qualifications gained at universities. Your real education    is about to begin. You will no longer accept the old order of truth. Next time you    are told “It’s the law”, ask them to prove it. Ask to see the law. You will find    that what were mere statutes are being presented as law. Question everything !

Some of you are still struggling with 3D thinking. It is always hard to let go of    what was so important to you for many years. Money was created for this purpose:    to keep you locked into the Rat Race, always wanting bigger, better, and more of    what money could buy for you. But it will never buy you happiness, nor will it buy    you love. Look at your lives and ask what is really important to you. Are you prepared    to pay the price for it? Are you prepared to stand up and be counted? To come forward    to help create a world where light and love, and truth and justice will become the    norm?

Love each other as never before. Send love and light to all who are in need of it.    Help those who are being attacked by the dark forces. Together, together my friends,    we will succeed !

My dear, we are monitoring the situation with your friend. This is something that    he must go through. He, alone, will decide. We are there for him. You are being guided.    You will know when the timing is right.

Forever, your adoring, Monty