Humanity as a collective cannot stop or halt in this process of awakening, neither should they hesitate to reveal vital information, nor hinder its release and distribution.  The truths have been hidden for long enough and they can be found hidden in the vaulted chambers of the Vatican, from sacred Astrological texts, to Mayan calendars, to the wealth of plundered nations.  Hello beings of planet earth: that’s why they have vaulted rooms, and secret libraries, so that nobody knows what they’ve got hidden in there.  And guess what?  You and I don’t get to go in.

Thirty years ago when I began to study Astrology, I asked my teacher, Brent Henderson, which books I should buy.  He gave me a list and laughed, and said ‘But if you want the really good stuff, try the Vatican.’  I was young and impressionable, and he would never know how many times his offhand comment would echo in my head over the balance of my years.

Okay, we know a few light bulbs have been turned on in recent years and that’s great!  But let’s see if we can turn on a few more.  I can write this now, because they can’t legally burn people at the stake anymore, although I’m sure they would if they could.  They have a history that will more than amply back up that statement!  The concern now lies with their continued ability to pollute the spiritual Sundays of over 2 billion followers worldwide.  And this problem, (yes, it is a problem) continues, not so much because people are asleep, but because they are afraid for their souls after they die.

It doesn’t seem to matter what history reveals, or what the evidence presents, they’ve got people so brainwashed and afraid, that they aren’t even willing to take that chance. The fact that they’ve murdered millions, molested kids, and continue to suppress women, just doesn’t seem to be good enough here; seems humanity thinks it’s better to just go along with it for now, and air on the safe side.  ‘After all, I’m sure those guys are sorry for what they’ve done, so let’s just forgive and forget, and be good Christians.  We’ll make an appearance on the occasional Sunday, and make our usual donation, because it’s just easier that way, and we don’t want to risk going to hell, right honey?  Oh yeah, and make sure those kids get baptized, confirmed and communionized.’ ???

When I first heard about the Occupy movement, I knew it was the beginning of the end.  But when I heard about Occupy the Vatican, I realized that things were moving along a more progress pathway.  Well done, citizens of earth!  And moving right along, let’s talk about the pyramid of power.  The church is that portion of the pyramid which has been effectively constructed to manipulate human consciousness into accepting spiritual enslavement.  Now that’s hitting humanity a little below the belt, don’t you think?  While the main spotlights shine on politics, ruling families, financial tyranny, and America’s military control, the remaining 33 percent of the power pyramid is still sitting fairly pretty, (well, sort of).

The masses will agree they don’t like corrupt politicians, crooked governments, wealthy royal families, or fighting wars, yet they curiously continue to allow themselves to be enslaved by Catholicism.  The worldly structures that are crumbling are not going to find the Vatican left standing; they own equal shares in the enslavement of humanity, and perhaps more than their fair share.  Most people are not aware that the Vatican does not belong to Rome or Italy, and is an organization which earns money and doesn’t pay taxes.  Its ‘front’ is that of being a religious organization, when its true purpose was always to maintain social, moral, spiritual, and familial control of humanity, while amassing unimaginable wealth.

Its vital purpose over the centuries has been to play its role in controlling humanity through the fear of what will happen to them after they die.  This is still working, so we need to keep talking about it.  And when I say vital, I mean critical.  Its campaigns over the centuries have been highly successful and their domination has lasted approximately 1700 years.  It has served the ruling families of the world very well in its appointment of controlling the masses, and forcing them into compliance and conformity; that or death and/or eternal damnation.

Determining religious affiliation on identity documents is a further means of tagging and ticketing the heard.  The mere fact that Catholicism still exists today is truly a testimony of humanity’s spiritual and psychological deprivation and continued subjugation.  Not an easy problem to tackle, but hey we’re waking up; we just need to keep waking up, and keep helping others wake up, especially those who are afraid they will go to hell if they stop going to church.

Okay, so how do we do this?  Revealing Vatican crimes hasn’t worked very well; they still have 2 billion followers, so let’s try a different approach.  Let’s look at the corporate side of things.

1)      The Vatican is the richest organization on earth and owns the most real estate

2)      They are exempt from prosecution

3)      They don’t pay taxes

4)      They have their own secret libraries and vaults

5)      They have their own prison and their own guards

6)      They have their own postal service and their own radio and television stations

7)      They have their own identity and their own flag

8)      They have their own separate laws

9)      They have been a separate city state since 1929

10)  Their wealth is unimaginable, unavailable, and equally unaccountable, to the public.

“The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others. The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc. At a conservative estimate, these amount to more than 500 million dollars in the U.S.A. alone.”

“The Vatican’s treasure of solid gold has been estimated by the United Nations World Magazine to amount to several billion dollars. A large bulk of this is stored in gold ingots with the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, while banks in England and Switzerland hold the rest. But this is just a small portion of the wealth of the Vatican, which in the U.S. alone, is greater than that of the five wealthiest giant corporations of the country. When to that is added all the real estate, property, stocks and shares abroad, then the staggering accumulation of the wealth of the Catholic church becomes so formidable as to defy any rational assessment.”

“The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual of the twentieth century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars.”

Okay, we got the research part over with, that’s good.  Humanity could also benefit greatly by familiarizing themselves with the power pyramid known as The Empire of the City.  This ‘empire’ is made up of three city states on our planet that don’t belong to any country or nation and don’t pay taxes.  In Washington, it’s the District of Columbia.  In England, it’s the inner city of London.  In Rome, it’s the Vatican.  None of these 3 city states belong to the country or city in which they are located, yet these 3 states control the world, economically through London’s inner city, militarily through the District of Columbia, and spiritually through the Vatican.  This is fact and can be researched and verified by anybody.  If humanity could recognize that the Vatican is a vital part of this power structure, and is intertwined like a well woven tapestry into this financial, political, and military stronghold which is now crumbling, then greater momentum could be achieved, and the task of disassembly would be quickened.

In 700 AD, they eliminated the teachings of karma and reincarnation and with the omission of these teachings utterly impaired man’s ability to understand his process of personal responsibility.  They removed Astrological texts and henceforth executed those who attempted any form of divination.  All our sadness, mourning, and crying, over the death of the physical bodies of our loved ones, is due to the church’s removal of the teachings of the astral realms, humanity’s communion with angels and spirit guides, the eternal progress of the soul, and of the knowledge of the life contract itself.

They implemented the fear factor, and it’s still working pretty good today.  If you can purchase your way to heaven and say a few hail Mary’s, then what you’re really being given is a license to kill, which is pretty much what they’ve been doing since Christ was crucified, or shortly thereafter.  At least they practice what they preach!  I guess that’s why wars go over so well.

But seriously folks, in an effort to finally shake ourselves free from all enslavement, could we possible try to exercise just a tiny bit of reason?  What are people doing, still believing in a carefully formed organization, which poses as a religious front, whose behaviors are secular, sexist, entrepreneurial, greedy, and exempt from prosecution and paying taxes? If I were referring here to any other organization, or group of individuals, being described in the exact same way, everyone would nod their heads in agreement, and acknowledge that this would be a criminal outfit.

And if you remain there because you’re afraid to leave, then the fear factor is still successfully being used to control you.  If you think that knowledge about life is NOT being kept from you, then why are there secret archives in the Vatican?  And why is there a large Zodiac on the Vatican floor?  The Catholic Church has always known about Astrology and has always used it, but that’s not what they teach you in Sunday school.  The Zodiac on the Vatican floor is put there to be intimidating and provocative and to jest at those who blindly follow, and do not question.  Occupy the world, but let’s stop occupying the church.  The Cease and Desist Letter for the New World Order lists a bunch of names, but I didn’t see the Vatican listed there, which concerns me.  Jupiter doesn’t go retrograde until October and I really don’t want to have to wait that long for my books.

Who stands beside the king and queen on a chessboard?  The Bishops.  An illuminati game, all there, complete with castles and pawns.  The Empire of the City is crumbling folks; but can you please be careful with the Astrology books?  I’ve been waiting a long time for them.  Over and out.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

The Muffin


Nowhere else in this galaxy does the ruling species feed upon the cadavers of lesser animals forgetting that its duty to the lower forms is to treat them with kindness, and to exemplify the spiritual advancement that they too will one day obtain~

Nowhere else in this galaxy is the available land mass chopped up into artificial patches separated by make-believe boundaries that are found only in maps, but cannot be seen by physical eyes~

Nowhere else in this galaxy has the main species fragmented itself into rival groups that have allowed ancient hatreds and superficial physical distinctions to separate them into armed camps that wish only to destroy, to punish, and to annihilate~

Nowhere else in this galaxy is so much energy spent in fashioning munitions of darkness that have no other purpose than to maim, dismember, and kill sentient beings~

And nowhere else in this galaxy do entities, who have been given the inestimable gifts of rationality and reflection, insist on questioning the existence of a creator, whose footprints are everywhere to be seen~


The Master Plan


The Muffin


This is the second part to the article titled ‘It’s only Castles Burning.’

We spoke of Mars and Saturn being retrograde at this time, and things will continue as discussed, but now we have to pull retrograde Mercury and retrograde Pluto into this puzzle.  Pluto has been lurking quietly in the background in Capricorn since 2008 and has, in this sign of worldly power, been the silent pot simmering on the back burner, ready to destroy the established world orders.  It represents changes that take time, but leaves nothing standing after it passes.

Mercury will go retrograde on March 14th – April 4th.  Many people believe this to be a time when technology fails us, and communication systems break down, but this time it will not be so simple, as these are strange and unusual times.  Not only will it be retrograde while Mars and Saturn are retrograde, but it will spend two full weeks in conjunction with the planet Uranus (who’s just minding his own business right now), and also forms a terrific square with that lurking Pluto.  There are a few more aspects, but no point in getting overly scientific, let’s just skip to the meat and potatoes.

Only problem is, there’s more.  The curtain actually goes up at or about the time of February’s New Moon on the 21st of this month.  We have a strange zodiac on this day, which shows the Sun and Moon and Neptune in alignment, give or take a degree or two, in the sign of Pisces.  We have several other planets very close by and we have all these planets, 6 of them to be exact, in direct opposition to these two nasty retrograders, Mars and Saturn.  Forming a magnificent square to each side, we find Pluto.

On this New Moon, the planets line themselves up to demonstrate a very unsympathetic set of aspects to poor Pluto, who’s just about to go retrograde anyway, and in this way, create stronger opposition to this planet.  As the planets move away from the New Moon, the 90 degree angles will come to completion, and the strain will be felt very strongly, both by the society who wants freedom, and those who want to keep them in prison.  After this new Moon, we will experience a quickening of events, in relation to governmental and financial destruction.

These are difficult energies to take, both for people’s emotions and for earth’s waters.  This brings to mind the 28th Hexagram in the I Ching:  Preponderance of the Great: “The Ridgepole sags to the breaking point……….it is an exceptional time and situation; therefore extraordinary measures are demanded.  It is necessary to find a way of transition as quickly as possible, and to take action.  This promises success.”

After the New Moon of this month, it will become difficult to continue to hide things from the world.  Mercury will be approaching its standstill, its conjunction with Uranus, and its eventual backwards rotation on March 12th.  At about the same time, retrograde Mars will form an exact square with the silent and stationary Pluto, and there is potential, at this time, to experience an increase of violence, or perhaps ultimately, military disarmament, or a final show of force before surrender.

Mercury retrograde, this time around, will be electrifying, as well as confusing; in conjunction with Uranus, immensely enlightening; but not in a silent, spiritual way, but in a surprising, unexpected, and even shocking kind of way.  Towards the beginning of March, Mercury will take centre stage, drawing the currently quiet Uranus in with it.  We must remember that the weakest link for our controllers is the media, and once they lose control of that, the game is officially over.  For the media, this has been a long road. They are bursting at the seams, soaking up the strain, playing monkey in the middle, and struggling to continue lying to the public.

The journalists, investigative reporters, and television hosts, are not what they appear to be, behind the scenes.   Those who report things to humanity are burning to tell the truth, truths which they are well aware of.  These are individuals who are told on an hourly basis what to say, and what not to say, and lately, they’ve been told to not say a great many things.  Can you imagine life in their position?  And if you know anything about Mercury retrograde and the current status of world events behind the scenes, then you know what this could mean at this time, for the role of the media is to communicate events.  If it is not able to do so, it becomes part of the problem, which must then face the same type of re-structuring so that it can be made right, like everything else, so that it may become functional, and honest.

Mercury transiting Uranus for two solid weeks, while retrograde, equates to sudden enlightenment for a great many people;  news that comes as a shock; flashes of awareness hitting them from all over the place.  It will be very difficult for humanity to continue sleeping through aspects like this, but then again, humanity has proven that it can sleep through just about anything.   No, this will be a time of revelations and harsh ‘wake up calls, but also confusion, as to what to believe, who to believe, and what the real truth is.  Because ultimately, when humanity learns the truth about their fearless leaders (who will by this time be heading for the hills), they will undoubtedly by somewhat surprised, respectively.

Mercury goes direct and once again passes Uranus on April 22, Earth Day.  This will be a day when more enlightenment is shed, and may also be filled with many pleasant events.  But Mercury does not go retrograde again until mid July.

Now let us turn our focus to retrograde Pluto.  Before a planet goes retrograde, it becomes stationary, meaning it slows down, or stands still.  Pluto moves slowly anyway, so when it stands still, it really stands still.  And it begins to do that at around mid to late March.  (Another spotlight gets turned on).  This is the time, in ancient Astrology, when it is said that a planet resembles a person filled with fear.  Paralysis may occur, as one is hesitant to continue, just as the planet is stopping in its motion. In the psyche of those affected, this can manifest as running away from situations in the person’s immediate reality. This is reflected in the standstill.

It is at this point in time that the division between men occurs; those who possess some inherent wisdom and foresight will stop trying to paddle up the raging river, while those who lack insight, and refuse to give up control, continue walking down the path of destruction.  We’re talking about Pluto here:  Pluto gives no quarter and takes no prisoners, instead merrily destroys everything false in its path.   Pluto doesn’t care about how you feel and will ruthlessly perform its service and not look back.  You just can’t mess with Pluto.

Pluto is in fact in the sign of Capricorn, which governs worldly power, and Pluto is the great bringer of change.  There is no democracy here for those who participate in current high ranking worldly affairs, and they don’t get to vote.  They were never going to survive this plutonian transit, and it will soon become impossible, once Pluto becomes stationary and goes retrograde.  The big cookie must crumble.  But we may expect some mischief mid to late March, as mentioned, as they scramble for a way out, or attempt to lash out at humanity, just because they still can, and because they will be in their final days and hours.

If anyone wishes to examine the governmental changes of the last Pluto in Capricorn cycle, they may examine historical events from 1762 to 1778.  But this time around, it must be understood, that the power structures are far more globalized, centralized, organized, unified, and corrupt. The higher they climb, the harder they fall, and this retrograde Pluto, in the sign of Capricorn, will herald the inevitable:  the total destruction of  WORLD government as we know it.  To imagine it could be any other way is a fairy tale.

Let us be good Astrologers and remember that Mars and Saturn are still retrograde, and Saturn not only RULES the negative side of Libra, but is IN the sign of Libra itself and feels quite comfortable there, being exalted in Libra.  How fitting!   Retrograde Saturn, in its sign of exaltation, zipping through the heavens, spotlighting all the false earthly relationships that were doomed from the start.  And Saturn is in fact the ruler of Capricorn, where we find Pluto lurking!  What fun! (The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone…….).  What is occurring now, behind the scenes, is corporate back-stabbing, at a level that most of us could never even possibly imagine, but would nonetheless quite enjoy viewing.  We have to take all the aspects into account, in order to understand the bigger picture.

But Saturn also reflects one more area of human drama which we refer to as the courtroom.  And the sign of the scales is none other than Lady Justice herself.   Something tells me our courts are going to be very busy until about mid October, when Saturn finally goes into Scorpio and Pluto gets some forward momentum going once again.  Not surprising, really.  But since all the judges will themselves be on trial, we better roll up our sleeves and try to get some good seats.

This is good enough for now.  But remember, when the media is freed, many things are going to come down the pipe.  And that includes disclosure.  I hear there are some people from very far away who are just dying to say hello.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles.

The Muffin



What we are seeing now in our world are the effects of two retrograde planets, Mars and Saturn.  To sum it up; violence and castles burning.  This is the physical tearing down of false structures built on the principles of greed and worldly power.  Mars went retrograde on January 23, late in the day, when the Year of the Dragon came in; a most auspicious timing of events which is revealing the aggressive destruction of false forms, the abuse of military power, and violent human protesting.  It is not at all a surprise that it has come to this, the harsh cry of liberty or death, and when you leave the world in a state of ‘nothing left to lose,’ then history has shown that this is how revolutions are born.


As the 28th hexagram in the I Ching reads:  This is the misfortune. But one incurs no blame in giving up one’s life that the good and the right may prevail. There are things that are more important than life. Mars will not go direct again until April 14th.


This period will force those who wear suits and carry guns to re-think their positions; they will become tired; they will not be sure what they are defending anymore; they will see that they alone cannot control the masses, until they finally have to make that final decision: to disarm or open fire on innocent people.  They were always destined to come to this juncture in their lives, and the choices they make will determine their spiritual and karmic paths, which they will bind themselves to, by their actions.  Each and every one of them will have to make that choice.  It would of course be in their best interests to realise that their meagre salaries and fading pensions, are perhaps not worth compromising their soul advancement and evolutionary status, to take the lives of others. But time will tell. The men and women in suits with guns are mere pawns on this chessboard.  The King always hides in the background and lets the others do the dying for him.


But now everything is different, because the attack is coming from all sides on those who wish to keep humanity suffering.  The energies on earth have shifted, and these retrograde planets are having powerful effects on those who are not aware that the time has finally come to realise, that the way we were living on this planet, could not possibly continue.  So we come to Saturn, which from earth’s perspective, went retrograde on February 7th and will remain in backwards motion until June 24th.  Saturn at best, teaches us about personal responsibility and this is the purpose of this planet.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy and likes to kid itself, it seems.  It binds itself with rings, knowing that whatever it builds on false ground, must eventually burn down.  When it goes retrograde, the power structures on earth, made of money and greed, are de-stabilized.  This also comes down to a very personal level for each one of us who have what we have, but find that it is no longer enough to make us happy, because we know that others on our planet are starving and freezing to death.  Humanity has developed a conscience, and as this consciousness expands, the conscience becomes more refined.


Saturn very much reflects the challenging attributes attached to its sign of Capricorn, which finds spiritual matters difficult to comprehend, and is far less inclined to attach importance and meaning to them.  But it also reflects the negative side of the sign of Libra, which builds false relationships, based on considerations which have less to do with love than materiality, status, money, possessions, and physical comfort.  While our world is experiencing these upheavals, all these false relationships must dissolve as well, and we will see those, whose relationship are based on power, crumble, along with the castles they live in.  It simply cannot be any other way.  False camaraderie will turn to mistrust, and the rat that rose to rank, who never held allegiance to anyone except to self, will easily turn against their fearful superiors in favour of better prospects.  All this will happen during this retrograde Saturn.  In fact, many relationships will dissolve, as people will begin to experience unbearable states of energy imbalances with the people they live with, and associate with, but no longer resonate with.


But, towards the end of this rotation, what can we expect?  The re-structuring is already taking place and those good people who have successfully infiltrated into this false system, are there and ready to make their move.  Our world will not be left without governance, but our consciousness has created, and will sustain, through our new desires and visions, a world where greed is no longer the pole star.  Because we learned that it didn’t really make us happy, and we couldn’t purchase love. This has been happening for many years, because ultimately, only a very few of us desire war and destruction, and those few have lost the ability to control the rest of us.  Most of us really just want to be happy, be free, and be at peace. Our sense of personal responsibility, as a collective, is now becoming very finely tuned, as our power is being returned to us, and with that comes great responsibility.


So this may be a rather lengthy chess game, but we should see some good results when Mars goes direct again on April 14th, at about the same time that Pluto goes retrograde.  We will have some additional energies to deal with when Mercury, Venus, and Neptune go retrograde as well, so I will continue in my next article on the variations offered by these planets, and how they will continue to influence the powerful dynamics of Mars and Saturn retrograde.  I will also be looking at disclosure scenarios when I further study and meditate on these planetary movements. We are going to be very busy.


Remember, it’s only castles burning.


Face Piles of Trials with Smiles


The Muffin





How much evidence do we need, to finally wake up to the fact that we are not alone in the Universe?  We have structures on earth that to this day, we haven’t the technology to re-create, yet so many people turn away from that fact.  We have had thousands upon thousands of sightings that we know of, and they are increasing exponentially, but we still doubt.  We have scientific evidence, spiritual evidence, aboriginal knowledge, but we’re still unsure.  We have crop circles all over the world, that magically appear out of nowhere, that defy our understanding of physics, yet they still want us to believe that some drunk guys made them in the middle of the night. We have paintings of spacecrafts in caves and paintings of spacecrafts found in the skies of oil paintings, which hang on museum walls all over the world.


We have a media system that is so controlled, that it can disclose nothing, but is forced to report the necessary diversions, and discreditations, so that we continue to be brain-washed.  We have governments that we know have stolen trillions of dollars, who are exposed thieves, who keep telling us that they have no ‘evidence’ of extraterrestrial life, and we keep believing them, despite knowing they are crooks and conmen.  We have hundreds of people who have now come forward; ex government employees, former NASA officials, astronauts, pilots, air force military personnel, and so forth and so forth, but we’re still not sure, because they’re voices and faces are only found on the internet, not on mainstream media.  DISCLOSURE IS EVERYWHERE ALREADY, but the cry of humanity to re-unite with their star families is still not loud enough.


Why does it need to be loud enough for them to land?  Well, let’s take a look at things from their perspective.


They’ve been to this planet before, and have in fact never stopped coming.  But it’s been a while since they have been able to make ‘open contact’ because things are a little different now.  Things are in fact a lot more complicated.


Never before has earth hosted such a population.  Where before, open contact may have seen hundreds, or maybe thousands of welcoming inhabitants, it will now meet with 7 billion confused entities.  The aboriginal voices, which we have successfully squelched, were not given the opportunity to pass on their valuable histories of our star families to us, so where before, they were welcome, they will now be feared.  The technology, which they so graciously offered to us, has been fashioned into space weaponry by our governments, which they have used to wage war on our star brothers and sisters.


They face landing on a planet that is in a state of consciousness deprivation, yet they remain hopeful that enough of us will ‘wake up,’ and help wake up the others, until it is finally ‘safe’ for them to land.  And the last thing they want to do is freak us out and cause chaos, to the point where we go into a state of frenzy and panic, where we even compromise our own ability to provide essentials for ourselves, like electricity and water.  They must also disable the weaponry, or they will be fired upon, but they must do it gently, as they are bound by universal law to do no harm.  They foresee the potential for great panic, and pandemonium on earth, if enough people aren’t ‘awake’ enough to calm down the others who will go into a mad state of denial, or fear induced stupor.  They wish for us to become cosmic citizens.


They have been disabling our earthly weapons for quite some time now.  They have been communicating through mediums and channels, and through the star seeds that have been scattered around this blue planet that is now ascending back into the 5th dimension.  They have been giving us messages of hope, confirmation, and detailed information of their struggles and triumphs.  They have told us that they love us, and they have told us not to fear them.  They have told us they want to help, and share their technology and cosmic citizenship with us. They have been conditioning humanity to their presence by appearing in our skies, every night and every day, all over the world.


They have been with us every step of the way, and they have never abandoned us.  They have made contact with hundreds of humans already, and this is documented.  They have been in regular contact with our world governments for decades. They have told us that our governments need to make the necessary disclosure announcements, to lessen the impact of fear and disbelief that the public will experience at the confirmation of their existence, presence, and pending first contact, which will lead to mass landings. And they have told us that with or without this ‘official disclosure,’ they are coming anyway.


It is our own governments who are responsible for lack of disclosure.  It is our star brothers and sisters who still wait and hope and pray it will happen, as that will make things a whole lot easier for everybody.  But our governments are still busy playing games, hosting bogus presidential elections, and keeping a tight reign on the media.  So now it is up to us, star seeds, light workers, bringers of the dawn, keepers of the flame, whatever we want to call ourselves, to realise that our job will be made that much more complex, now and in the future.  We must continue to ‘hold the space,’ and try to map out a future, which may or may not involve disclosure by our fearless leaders, but which will be brought in by our faith, and our love for our star families, whom we long to be re-unite with, and who long to re-unite with us.


Believe what you like, but they WILL descend, and they WILL do it in a way that will do humanity at large the least amount of harm.  But do not blame them for not being here yet.  We haven’t been able to do even the simplest of things to help this process along; like simply look up, look around, and use some critical thinking.  When seen from their perspective, things are simple, in a complex kind of way.  They look down and fairly estimate; these folks just aren’t ready.


And they would be right.


Face Piles of Trials with Smiles


The Muffin



We are already living on the ‘separate earth,’ the earth’s ethereal body, where the ‘template’ is being set for what she will move into and eventually become, or align with. We helped create that ‘new earth’ with our thoughts and our consciousness and our way of being/living. We are already in a higher dimension, separate from illusion, and away from 3D. Our resonance on 3D earth is only what remains of our physical bodies, which continue on her 3D physical body. But our ethereal bodies are already living on the newly created planet, and we shift from one dimension to another and the one, it is said, shall not know the other. It’s a choice now, which one we want to spend more time on……which one we want to give our attention to. Whichever one we choose, is the one we will continue to create.

We are creating a new planet.  We have been given that opportunity, because our surroundings can only ever reflect our inner conditions.  While we continue to physically occupy a 3rd dimensional being, we are dreaming of a world free of restriction, without borders; a world filled with peace and a world filled with love for every face we see, every tree that blows in the wind, and animal that crosses our path.  And while we dreamt, we created, and the more we created, the better it felt when we returned to the dream.  And the shift into this higher dimensional earth is almost unnoticed, but somehow, everything out there looks different, doesn’t it?  The trees don’t look the same, the birds are flying differently, and everything is just more beautiful, but we don’t really understand why.  It’s because we altered the space that we occupy and created the paradise we dreamt of.

So the new earth vibrates in the auric field of the old earth, in a high 4th dimensional frequency, perhaps 5th (depending on the dreamer), and only those who dream, or those who practice multi-dimensional travel, can exist there.  Others may not see them, because they will become less dense, and invisible.  Neither can they see the new earth, nor witness the auric field of creation.  So be careful that somebody doesn’t step on your foot …………….. because they just can’t see you anymore.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

The Muffin



There isn’t a single event, or earthly occurrence, experienced by humankind, that wasn’t previously ‘agreed’ to.  I would like to talk about our ‘contracts,’ or as I like to refer to them as, ‘bad deals made in the spirit world.’  The most difficult concept I struggled with, and other Astrologers struggle with as well, is understanding how freewill fits into the ‘contract,’ and how Astrology works in deciphering these deals, made out of body, and out of time.  People have so often asked me, if they have free will, and can ‘change’ their future by their own actions, how can anyone predict anything?

Well, it’s simple…………….sort of……..  J  First of all, we have to grasp the concept of the contract itself, and not just understand it, but BELIEVE it to be the absolute truth, minus freewill of course, which we are given to ‘respond’ to the events which we agreed to experience.  The contracts made in the spirit world, or astral realms, are made with great complexity.  Our guides, spirit counsellors, White Brotherhood, and a whole slew of Angelic hosts are ever present when our bodily lives are being orchestrated and agreed upon.  Why do we want to experience 3D?  Three reasons, primarily:  to learn, to help, and to work off karma from previous existences.  That’s simplified, but that is substantial enough for now.

Throughout our many incarnations, we acquire ‘negative’ karma and ‘’positive karma, and I use these terms loosely.  The ‘good’ karma, we are rewarded for in any lifetime; but the ‘bad’ karma must be ‘met,’ as well; this is universal law.  No action comes without a reaction.  Some karma is met in the same lifetime………………some must be met out in the next, or sub-sequent lifetimes.  While we are in the spirit world, we are eager to incarnate; we are eager to ‘sign up’ for more; we want to achieve higher levels of consciousness; we crave to reach for higher dimensions of being.  We want to ‘expel’ or ‘work through’ our negative karma, so we can advance.  There is simply no other way.  In fact, while these contracts are being drawn up, we often ask for more karmic ‘meeting out’ than is actually possible, but our guides are careful to not let us take on more than they think we can ‘chew.’  Such is our desire to progress.  Sometimes we are granted the opportunity to take on a great deal of karma, especially if we are fortunate enough to be granted a life on a planet that is ascending.  J

So the ‘events’ which we agreed to experience, whether of a positive or negative nature, WILL happen, and the memory is wiped clean, and we are born again. Our parents, our environment, our social and cultural and financial surroundings, are all carefully chosen, to reflect our inner conditions and there is no randomness in that, none whatsoever.  This ‘grid’ is perfect and nothing happens by chance.  But our Creator never threw us here without help, or divine guidance.  He never intended for us to travel blindly through this illusion.  There is help everywhere, but earth life has been made very difficult to ‘navigate,’ due to the theft of vital information coveted by corrupt religions, and the general problems which we experience here, which we are more than aware of.  That’s what makes this planet so potent for growth:  it’s the most difficult illusion to ‘wake up’ from.  And if we can ‘make it’ here, we can probably make it anywhere.

So we come to Astrology, the greatest form of delineation given to humanity and to our planet.  Since earth was created, since man was created, the planets in our solar system have been our guideposts, have circled around our Sun, and have reflected our reality back to us in profound ways.  Notice how I said ‘reflected,’ and not ‘created?’ These planetary energies are in fact OUR energies, and they are delineated in the birth chart.  The planets are our ‘map.’ And how these planets continue to ‘transit,’ or affect this birth chart, is highly revealing, in terms of forecasting the ‘events’ of the karmic stuff that we have contracted to experience.  If you look at the line in the picture above, you can see the glowing orbs along the line, which symbolise these karmic event which we agreed to experience.  But what is of the utmost importance, in this, or ANY lifetime, is how we RESPOND to these event.  And this is called FREE WILL.

Here’s the stumbling block:  Why do ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people?  Just because we are ‘positive’ and ‘loving’ in nature, in deed, in thought and in word, just because we play our cards right, and fight the good fight, and try so hard, and give so much of ourselves, doesn’t necessarily mean our negative karma has been met!  As a matter of fact, the exact opposite is in most cases true!  The more our guides believe us to be able to ‘handle’ negative energies, and the more ‘they’ are convinced of our ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy, the more karma they will allow us to take on, in any given lifetime.  That is why it may appear to some of us, that no matter what we do, we seem to ‘lose out’ in the end, and this attitude is very damaging to our energies and to our continued growth: because energy is everything, and emotional energy is potent and declares to meet more of it’s like kind.  In short, to react negatively to a ‘seemingly’ negative event, is to potentially fail to learn the lesson presented to us.  It also reveals that we still don’t believe that we AGREED to this.

Of course, this will then ‘attract’ more negative energy and then we begin to spiral downward emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually, and play the blame game, and battle with the higher forces, and forever ask that highly destructive question:  WHY ME GOD?

Why you?  Because you are becoming a MASTER and that’s why YOU agreed to be pushed to your LIMIT.  Because your guides thought you could handle it. But more importantly, because YOU thought you could handle it, and your guides agreed to let you. Because you KNEW that experiencing difficult circumstances, and working out delicate karmic issues, which are mostly of an emotional nature, would ultimately grant you the necessary emotional mastery to enable you to the move on to the next level.  Those of us who consider ourselves to be lightworkers, or wayshowers have agreed, not just to help earth and humanity ascend, but to keep pushing ourselves beyond our limits, so that we can MASTER ourselves more fully, and react positively, to the events that we encounter, and deem to be ‘negative.’  In reality, there is no positive or negative:  it’s all just learning

I know, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but accepting personal responsibility usually is, and none of us are exempt.  It IS entirely possible to ascend without fine tuning these qualities, but without emotional mastery, we will still ‘crave’ more experiences to further us along to higher dimensions.  We can even ascend with some karma left undone, but to really rise to the highest levels and dimensions, is to ‘work off’ this karma while in physical reality, where we can once again experience the ‘school’ where we can strengthen ourselves through repeated testing. Progress is infinite and if we are susceptible to negative emotional and psychological states, how can we, as MASTERS, assist those on other planets? And this is what we all want to do:  help others.

I have much more to add, but that’s good enough for now.  When life gets me down, I often say to myself: ‘No more bad deals in the spirit world, okay?’  But the reality is, when we’re ‘up there,’ we beg for more opportunities to challenge ourselves.  And that’s a reality even I have a hard time accepting.

Face piles of trials with smiles.

The Muffin